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Chloë Stilgoe

"I first started going to Natalie’s Zumba classes a few years ago and I am absolutely addicted!  There’s great music, brilliant routines, and if you’re someone like me who wants to be pushed in a workout class, I definitely recommend going to one of Natalie’s!  Now with FitSteps starting it’s another fun way of staying healthy and it feels like you’re on "Strictly"!  I always look forward to going to Zumba or Fitsteps, I just wish I could do it every day!"

Desne Walker

"FitSteps is a new wonderful way for a total body workout! Come and join Nat for that "Strictly" ballroom experience. The way Nat explains all the steps so fully and clear, she will have you gliding across the dance floor like a true TV star and getting fit and fabulous at the same time. I recommend this as a truly good exercise experience."

"If you like to shake, shimmy and swivel, move your hips to the rhythm and have someone teach you that loves to dance to. . . look no further as Nat is the one you have been waiting for! Her Zumba is great fun and a wonderful work-out."

Amanda Vice

"I have attended Nat's Zumba sessions and love them but FitSteps is totally different and so much fun.  Nat's enthusiasm and passion she has for her class shines through and will motivate you no matter what sort of day you've had!"

Tracey Gray

"Really enjoy Natalie's Zumba and FitSteps classes; she's a great instructor who is full of enthusiasm which rubs off onto anybody participating. Would thoroughly recommend!"

Amanda McCarthy

“I have been doing Natalie's Zumba class for nearly 3 years now. She comes up with great routines that keep you fit and are fun, whatever your level of fitness. Natalie is very enthusiastic and this keeps you wanting to come back, week after week. In fact, doing a class with her not only makes you fitter, you also have so much fun that you don’t realise how hard you have worked until you stop. Natalie gives lots of encouragement in her classes and listens to any ideas and constructive feedback that we give her. She is truly in the right job and I would recommend her classes to anyone, regardless of sex/age/fitness level.”

Lucie Westbury

“I love Natalie's Insanity and circuits classes.  Her classes are always fun, challenging and motivating and she gets the best out of anyone attending.”

Kat Smith

"If you're up for a challenge and prepared to push yourself, Insanity is definitely the class to try!  It's one of the toughest workouts around but it WILL get you fitter!  When doing a class like Insanity, you have to work at maximum effort. When doing this type of training you need to be motivated from start to finish - having an instructor like Nat makes a huge difference!  She's truly passionate about fitness and will push everyone in the class!  You'll be surprised what you can achieve through sheer effort and determination.  Nat's Insanity class is guaranteed to leave you on a high for hours afterwards – I'd definitely recommend it!”

Maggie Dawkins

"Nat's Insanity does exactly what is says on the tin: it’s a seriously tough workout that leaves you breathless but buzzing.  Nat's enthusiasm keeps you motivated and focused.  She explains and demonstrates everything brilliantly and never forgets the lower impact options.  Give it a try you'll be surprised at what you can achieve!"

Adam Warner

“Having taken part in Natalie’s Insanity classes and also her Spin classes, I can highly recommend Natalie as an instructor.  Whilst making the classes challenging they are also made fun and with clear instruction on what is expected.  Great workout and enjoyable with it - get yourself there!”

Paul Welch

“Natalie's Insanity is not just for you ladies it has helped me to tone after losing some initial weight. Regular weekly attendance are enjoyable and have helped sustain the weight loss as well as provide a much higher level of fitness, energy and stamina.  The insanity work out has complemented my mountain biking in terms of raising my endurance levels, and helping create a mind set of digging deeper.

So guys its not for the faint hearted but after a month you are sure to see some benifits it has certainly worked for me.”

Chris Cooper-Hayes

"Having never done a fitness class in my life I was encouraged to try Insanity with Natalie.  I was actually quite nervous as I am not really that fit, however Nat's easy manner and motivational energy made me feel very welcome and encouraged to give it my all!  The Insanity workout is full on but fun.  Prepare to sweat and push yourself to your own limit, and expect to feel fitter - I do! From my initial apprehension, I now look forward to going Insane every week!”

Ben Jarrom

"Nat always explains things whilst working out, which I think makes it easy to understand how to achieve your goals.  All the encouragement really makes me want to push myself. Each session is slightly different to make you work harder.  I’m always shattered after a workout but feel great the next day.  I have to say since I started insanity with Nat, I am now addicted and more keen to keep pushing.  5 star fitness instructor!”

Debbie Pegg

"Natalie instructs well and gives options rather than just going through the motions.  If you have never tried Yoga or Pilates before, PiYo may take a bit of time getting used to but it's a great workout and gets you sweaty with low impact!”

Lynn & Peter Cosgrove

Motivational, inspirational and fun - that's what you will find attending one of Natalie's classes.   We have been going to Insanity for about 15 months and latterly have attended Natalie's PiYo classes - we love them both and can be found attending all available sessions we can in a day as we are that hooked!   Insanity may push you to your limit but easier options are always available, whereas PiYo is a kinder, gentler routine, that promises all the gain with less of the pain.   Not forgetting that as a professional in her field, Natalie was the first PiYo instructor we had, in order to offer her clients an excellent range of fitness classes.

Whatever your level of fitness, Natalie will find the right level for you and encourage you to do more.   Always smiling and happy, you cannot help but be captured by her enthusiasm . . . It's infectious.

Michele Weightman

I love going to Nat's Insanity and PiYo classes! Insanity is tough but it's amazing for fitness and stamina and gives you great tone. Be prepared to sweat (or glow as Nat says) a lot!!!  Nat's PiYo class on the other hand is totally different.  It's a lower impact cardio workout but you still burn serious calories and the benefits are just as great too. Whichever one of Nat's classes you go to, you are guaranteed an amazing, fun workout with a trainer who is dedicated and passionate about fitness.  Nat will keep you motivated and get the best out of you every time. I love it!


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