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Lucy Westbury

I currently attend three classes a week with Natalie: PiYo (x2) and P90X.  What I like about Natalie is whatever shape, size or level of fitness you are, she welcomes you and encourages you to be the best version of yourself possible.  Her classes are fun and challenging and she leads with enthusiasm and passion.  I would highly recommend you join in if you haven't don't know what you're missing!

Yvette Bailey

I tried P90X the first week Natalie taught it and it was amazing!  I have been looking to introduce weights into my fitness routine but wasn’t sure how.  This class had a brilliant balance of cardio and weights so you know the results will be fabulous.  Like Nat’s other classes that I do, PiYo and Insanity, it’s friendly, fun and you certainly get a workout!  Nat challenges you in a way that you want to “dig deeper”.  I didn’t want to like P90X but I love it, it’s my new addiction!  Nat, another great has completely motivated me and I cannot recommend it enough!!

Hayley Leon

I wanted to get back into fitness so I started Natalie's PiYo classes 8 months ago (Sep 2015).  I loved the class as it felt manageable without pushing myself too much!  I then decided to try Insanity and realised I could push myself that little extra every week with the encouragement and support from Natalie!  Natalie is a fantastic teacher, very inspiring and motivational plus she really thinks and cares a lot about her customers!  I can see such a difference in my body, core strength and tone!

Natalie introduced P90X, and without hesitation I had to give it a try!  Some of the exercises are similar to Insanity with the added extra of using weight.  What a workout: cardio, strength & core training all mixed together!!  I’m really looking forward to mixing up all my classes...thank you Natalie, for helping and inspiring me.

Lucy Ward

Nat is a true inspiration to all who attend her classes, she has the ability through her passion and enthusiasm to motivate and encourage you to give 100% every time and she even manages to make you smile throughout. I have been doing Insanity and PiYo since her classes began, they are extremely popular and her ability to engage with all, regardless of their fitness ability, is amazing. The P90X class is another class of Natalie’s that does not disappoint and one that I will not miss. A mixture of cardio, lower body, upper body and core exercises with the added use of weights and a variety of different options to choose depending on your fitness level ensures that you get a full body workout every time. Nat has weights available for hire so there’s no need to take your own. Give me a Natty Roo P90X session over a gym session any day!

Dave Clarke

If you're looking to improve yourself and your fitness levels from starting out on the journey or wanting to further yourself, then Natalie is the person to get on board with. Her enthusiasm, passion and motivation is infectious and before you know it you'll be pushing yourself to levels you never would think you would be able to achieve. Natalie's classes are very well co-ordinated and delivered. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge.

I personally have attended both Insanity and now the new P90X. The Insanity classes have helped me so much in other areas of my life, my running time per mile dropped and gave me the ability to run faster and harder. I think the new P90X will also help improve my physique as well as fitness with the addition of weights incorporated in the workouts.  My overall fitness, health and wellbeing has reached a far higher level than I had expected at 44 years young!  Please keep up the good work, Natalie!

Joanna Lacey

I started my fitness journey with Natalie over a year ago after seeing an advert on Facebook.  I've had gym membership previously (prior to marriage and kids!) and given running a go…but neither seem to hold my interest or motivation.  So after hearing about T25 and finding out that Insanity was very similar, I thought I'd give it a go!  Well, after meeting Natalie and taking part in my first Insanity session, I was well and truly hooked!  The structure of the session was fast paced with a range of moves that challenged lots of muscles that I hadn't realised I had!  Plus with each exercise there are two levels, so you can push and challenge yourself once you've mastered them.

And then there's the instructor herself, NattyRoo.  A true inspiration and motivational instructor.  She not only gives you the push you need, but makes you believe that you can challenge yourself.  To her repetoire, she has added PiYo, of which I also am now a regular.  I feel it gives a nice balance as it involves a lot more stretching of the muscles compared to the high intensity cardio work out that you get with Insanity.  Plus more recently she has introduced P90X, which is similar to Insanity in structure and moves with added weights.  I feel that the combination of these 3 classes has improved my fitness tremendously and my body shape is finally in control!  Not only that, the classes are great fun with lots of wonderful people who regularly attend, which in itself is a great testimony to Natalie.  I cannot recommend NattyRoo Fitness enough. I see myself as a 'Lifer', a true NattyRoo-niac!!


Ruth English

When I started Personal Training sessions with Nat I wanted to lose weight, I have since stopped being so bothered about the numbers on the scales. My clothes fit, I've lost inches from various places, I feel much stronger and more toned, oh and I have lost 9 pounds which was a bonus!  But, most of all I can do actual, proper press ups now!!!! Something I have always wanted to do. All I have to do now is go lower and do more, but I'm getting there! Sometimes I even stop what I'm doing and do some for fun :-)

Thank you for the sessions, which have been hard and you've pushed me when I felt like giving up, but they've been great fun and I can really see a difference now.  Ladies, if you want to learn some new routines and discover some new options then I can't recommend Natalie enough, she pushes you without being scary and she's a lovely person and great fun!

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