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Hard work shouldn't be hard on your body. SH1FT (Smart High Intensity Functional Training) combines the best bits of HIIT with the principles of functional fitness. It's the next generation of bodyweight training. SH1FT moves the body through '6 degrees of freedom', allowing people of every fitness level to train smarter and stay fit for life.

SH1FT workouts avoid pointless arm-lines and uncomfortable positions that don't serve a functional purpose. It looks at simple athletic motor patterns that work with the body's natural planes of motions while still embracing concepts of acceleration, deceleration and momentum.  


SH1FT not only builds a leaner, stronger body that looks good, but also helps improve range of movement, joint mobility and agility which are all major factors in injury prevention and long term good health.  Each SH1FT class trains the body's ability to move in the way biology intended, and makes us better equipped to do all the things a person needs to do in a fit, healthy and active life.

All fitness levels and abilities welcome.

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